Building a close relationship with any animal is an excellent way for children to learn valuable life lessons. While it is easy for a child to build a special relationship with the family dog, interacting with horses can potentially yield an even stronger bond. There is just something about the majestic nature of horses that brings out the best in people. There are many valuable skills horses can teach young people , but here are some of the most significant ones.

Confidence Boost

The large size of horses can be a little intimidating at first, but your child will gradually get more…

Choosing a bit for a horse that is ridden with a Western saddle is often dependent upon the horse’s purpose, the size and shape of its mouth, its training and history. If the horse has not been harshly treated and its mouth is still tender, the mildest bit should be used. It is also advisable to consider the horse’s mouth’s size and shape when choosing the right bit. Other factors that should be taken into account are the horse’s training, how it has been previously ridden, the purpose for which the horse will be ridden and its level of skill.

The most natural diet for horses is composed mostly of grasses containing the essential nutrients that equines need. Even so, after the weather becomes colder, horses often do not have as much access to nutritious grasses. So, they need hay, grasses baled at the summer’s end. Horses require a minimum of 1% of their body weight with this dry forage. Grazing upon this forage is also an action that serves to occupy them if they are stalled.

As horses age, they are sometimes no longer able to eat and digest hay and grasses, while others may have certain conditions or…

After spending months taking care of your horse in the dark and cold of winter, it’s exciting to be able to look forward to spring. Warm weather and more hours of daylight make riding and general horse care alike much easier and more enjoyable. In order to take advantage of the coming change in seasons, the following are a few items you can check off your list to make sure your horse is healthy and ready to go.

Schedule a Vet Visit

Now’s the time to call your vet and create an appointment for your horse’s spring shots and general wellness check. If you’re…

Everyone that owns a horse knows that there are few things in life more rewarding. Watching a young horse develop into a majestic animal is simply stunning. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is by lunging your horse. Lunging is a popular training process that sees the horse continuously move in a circle while connected to a lunge line. These are the four biggest benefits of lunging your horse.

Teach Training Commands

Lunging a young inexperienced horse is extremely beneficial because it helps break them of their bad habits. The trainer gives vocal and hand commands throughout the lunging process…

Riding and caring for a horse is a great way to teach a child responsibility, compassion, and self-confidence. Horses must be taken care of properly and respected to prevent severe accidents and injuries from occurring. Make sure to teach youth the importance of safely caring for horses with these tips.

Silently approaching a horse can startle them and cause an accident to occur. Never assume that a horse has seen someone who is approaching. The way that a horse’s eyes sit on their face gives them excellent peripheral vision but can cause blind spots in the front and behind. This…

Nothing is more exciting than the miracle of birth, but those first hours also cause a lot of concern. Welcoming a new foal into the world takes supervision to ensure the safety of the delicate creature. A veterinarian visit should occur in the first 24 hours. However, an owner needs to know what to look for before and after the veterinarian leaves.

Most owners play only a supervisory role during the birth, so most of the effort begins once the little one arrives. The first few breaths over the hour after arrival can seem rough. A foal may have some…

When buying a horse, you want to make sure your horse has been well taken care of and can do everything you set out to do. Although most breeders and owners will be upfront about any concerning factors, some people are not as honest and may try to hide poor qualities in order to get a sale. If you see one of the following red flags, be sure to take it into consideration when making a decision.

Signs of Illness

A horse that is visibly ill or showing unusual behavior could have several issues that may cause concern for a…

Grooming a horse is an essential part of every horse owner’s daily and weekly tasks. Grooming is necessary to keep a horse healthy and happy, and forgetting to groom your horse can potentially cause illness or injury. There are many steps when it comes to grooming a horse, so read on to find out some tips on how to groom yours.

Mane and Tail

A horse’s mane and tail need to be kept free of debris and unknotted. Let’s say you are on a trail and your horse catches its tail on some thorny bushes. Knotted hair will get stuck…

Horses are friendly animals in many cases, but they have feelings that humans need to be mindful of. Treating a horse wrong can startle them, anger them, or even cause them to distrust you. There are some things you should never do around your horse, so read on to find out what you need to be careful of.

Approaching Incorrectly

Horses have blind spots and can be startled easily. One of the best things horse owners can do is talk to their horse as they approach it. The auditory cue can let them know to expect you near them. However, you should…

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